Visual Art:

An art curriculum allows children to make discoveries, solve problems, and think independently. Art activities can be used in every area of the curriculum to reinforce and extend learning. Art experiences enhance observation, listening, questioning, and describing skills, which are important for language development and writing. Hands-on art experiences make science and math concepts more meaningful. Manipulation of material encourages the development of thinking skills through recognition, comparison, classification, and prediction. Learning about artists’ lives and the time periods they lived in reinforces history and geography lessons.


Our students in Drama are being guided in how to use their voice, gestures and their presence effectively. Through impromptu speeches and monologues our students are learning how to capture the audience’s attention and how to clearly state their point of views. Through dialogue studies and script analysis they are learning the importance of cues, following directions and listening. Whatever their futures hold, they are learning that they can approach it with confidence.

Movement and Dance:

As a means of broadening and enhancing the cultural scope of the students at The Charleston Catholic School, classes in movement and dance have been designed. Classes in movement and dance portray and characterize the medium of dance to incorporate African dance, jazz, and ballet.
Classes are taught as a means of providing a picturesque image of life as it characterizes transitions and transversals that are encountered during day to day living through movement.


Students in K4 – second grade attend Music class. They cover many different genres of music, and are also culturally diverse both in presentation and in performance.


The third grade practices four times a week as they learn the hymns for school Mass. The children are excited to have a chance to cantor at their Mass and to lead the assembly in worship.

Beginning Band:

The 4th grade band is the beginner band. They learn the fundamentals of playing a band instrument as well as music reading.

Concert Band:

The Concert Band is comprised of the band students in grades 5 – 8 who have already completed beginning band. This is a performing ensemble in the band program. The Concert Band performs at the following events:

Grandparents’ Day
Christmas Concert
Second Sunday on King Street
Catholic Schools Week
St Patrick’s Day Parade
Spring Concert
8th Grade Graduation

Several students each year audition for placement in the SC All State and All Region bands in January.

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