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employment 2020-2021

Position: Director of Student Success 
Education: Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in Special Education 

Work Experience: Prior experience in schools as classroom teacher and/or resource teacher 
Certification: South Carolina Professional Educator’s License or equivalent from another state 
Job Responsibilities: 
● Work with students (PK-8th grade levels) of various academic abilities and learning needs, such as ADD, ADHD, Speech & Language Impairment, Autism, Developmental Delay, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Dyslexia, Apraxia, Dysgraphia, and Visual Impairment

● Collaborate with teachers and administrators on identifying students to be served with specific instructional and learning accommodations

● Provide professional development for teachers in the areas of differentiated instruction and learning strategies for students with special needs

● Support the classroom teachers by researching and providing instructional materials to supplement the curriculum for the accommodations of the students being served

● Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of specific learning strategies and interventions for the students being served

● Communicate with outside agencies (such as public school district) or professionals about evaluations, testing and support services for the students

● Develop, monitor, record and assess individual Student Success Plans for students being served

● Maintain files on students being served

● Meet with classroom teachers and parents about the individual student at least once per year for planning purposes and for review of student’s progress 

Work Agreement: 190 days, starting August 3, 2020. 
Salary: Based on educational background and work experience 
Benefits through the Diocese of Charleston Human Resource Department  

By July 22, 2020; interested Candidates should send cover letter and resume by email to: 

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