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Enrichment Areas

enrichment areas


Mrs. Tara Lehr

Mrs. Lehr is the Physical Education Teacher. She earned a B.S. in Food and Nutrition with an emphasis on Dietetics from Florida State University. She is also our lunch coordinator. Mrs. Lehr has been teaching at CCS since 2013.



dr. valentino piran

Dr. Piran has a Certificate of Liturgy and a Master of Music from The Conservatory "Arrigo Pedrollo" of Vicenza, Italy. He has a Master of Music from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and a Doctorate in Sacred Music  from The Graduate Theological Foundation in Oklahoma. Dr. Piran has 25 years of experience as a liturgical music minister, music educator, choral teacher and conductor. He moved to Charleston, SC with his family in 2021. 

mr. jason kupiec

Mr. Kupiec teaches Technology and Library to all students.  He holds a Master’s in Education, and an Ed. S in Educational Leadership. He has served in multiple different roles, and has taught at all grade levels and areas of content for over twenty years.