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Student Success Program

Student Success Program


The Charleston Catholic School is committed to understanding that students learn in many different ways and have varying needs. We will continue providing a high standard of excellence while offering support to students to meet the rigors of the curriculum.

The goal of the Student Success Program is to assist students at all grade levels to develop as a successful learner with confidence, independence, and with positive self-advocacy skills.
The key component of the program is COMMUNICATION between team members: administration, families, teachers, and students. *The Director of Student Success, through ongoing conversations with all stakeholders, will help to ensure all students are provided the opportunity to have a means for receiving additional assistance. 

The Student Success Plan

A Student Success Plan is created for students with documented disabilities so that all team members will better understand the needs of the individual student.
The Plan includes diagnosis, professional evaluation data, strengths and weaknesses, accommodations, and classroom supports helpful to the success of the student. This will be completed as the team gathers and interprets information. The plan will change as the student’s needs change.
Consideration for a Student Success Plan:
• Student must have a specific learning difference that has been diagnosed and documented by a certified professional in a recent (last 3 years) formal psycho-educational evaluation. The testing must have been completed by a licensed clinical psychologist or certified psychologist and provide specific information regarding the impact the disability has on the academic performance of the student. The interpretive summary must include specific recommendations for accommodations as well as why each accommodation is recommended. (*suggested classroom supports are also helpful)
• Other Health Impairments such as Attention Deficit Disorders, Diabetes, Tourettes Syndrome, etc. may provide a medical diagnosis although psychological testing is recommended to better understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses.
(Documentation is necessary so that all team members better understand how to work with the student so that they may reach their full potential.)

The Process for Student Success Plan Development

A meeting will be held with the team to review information related to the diagnosis, any relevant professional testing data, classroom performance, and accommodations currently and/or previously in place, classroom supports helpful to student success, and any other relevant information. The plan will be monitored, reviewed and adjusted as the student’s needs change.
Parents, students and school representative will sign the shared responsibility agreement.


Accommodations and services are provided for students with a documented diagnosis on a case by case basis. The presence of a disability does not automatically guarantee academic accommodations. We will carefully review all relevant information related to the request to determine if the disability has a significant impact on the student’s performance. If determination is made to support learning accommodations, we will formalize a Student Success Plan specifying the needed accommodation. This plan will be shared with the student’s parents/guardian, classroom teachers, and administration and will be used when requesting standardized testing accommodations (ITBS/Cogat). The Plan will be reviewed on a yearly basis. No accommodations will be provided unless appropriate documentation has been provided to the school.
*Please note: This is not to imply that the school will assume the responsibility for ALL of the special learning needs of the child, as some needs may need to be met outside of the school day.