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Uniforms & Dress Code

Uniforms & Dress Code



Uniforms are mandatory at The Charleston Catholic School: they reflect the high standards and values of our school. Uniforms show unity in school spirit. Therefore, non-compliance with the dress code is viewed as disruptive and also as a disregard in the “esprit de corps” of the school.  Repetitive or serious violations of the dress code will be handled by the administration.

All students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly and to wear uniform clothing that is in good condition, clean and fit. Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times. Uniform clothing in disrepair is not permitted.  No perfume or cologne is allowed.

Uniforms may be purchased at Lands’ End or Read’s Uniforms

The customized Lands’ End website for The Charleston Catholic School is live and may be accessed HERE.


Summer Uniform 1st - 8th Grade (First and Fourth Quarters)
• Uniform navy walking shorts (optional)
• Uniform navy pants
• White knit collared (polo) shirt with school logo

Winter Uniform 1st - 8th Grade (Second and Third Quarters)
• Uniform navy pants
• Uniform white dress shirt (upper school)
• Uniform white polo shirt with school logo (Grades 1-8 only)
• Ties (Grades 5-8 only)
• Uniform red school sweatshirt, fleece or jacket
• Uniform red “hoodies” for grades 6-8 only

Mass Day (Wednesday)
• Upper School (Grades 5-8)– uniform navy pants, uniform white dress shirts and ties.
• Lower School (Grades 1-8) – uniform navy pants and white polo shirt with school logo (or white dress shirt).  

Dress Code rules at all times
• Navy, black, red or white crew socks (no Peds). Regular socks must be at least two inches above the top of the shoes.
• Under-shirts, if worn, must be plain white t-shirts (no logos, pictures or writing)
• Earrings and any other body piercing or tattoos are not permitted.
• Only one religious medal on a gold or silver chain is an acceptable item and must be worn under the shirt.
• Unauthorized accessories such as necklaces and bracelets are not acceptable.
• Hair: traditional cut, over the ear, off the neck, may not touch the shirt collar, and must not extend into the eyebrow when combed down. Nothing extreme (i.e. Mohawk, shaved on one side, spiked or colored).
• Grades 3 – 8, pants and walking shorts must be worn with solid black or brown belts.
• Black or brown dress shoes, or tennis shoes (any color). No wheelies on shoes.


Summer Uniform (First and Fourth Quarters)
• Uniform knee-length navy walking shorts or skorts.
• Plaid Jumper (K4-4th Grade) or Plaid Skirt (5-8 Grade).
• White knit polo shirts with school logo or a white blouse with a Peter pan collar.

Winter Uniform (Second and Third Quarters)
• Plaid Jumper (K4 - 4 Grade) or Plaid Skirt (5 - 8 Grade). Hem must come to the top of knee.
• White blouse with peter pan collar, short or long sleeves. The blouse must be tucked in at all times.
• Uniform red school cardigan, sweatshirt, fleece or jacket.
• Uniform red sweater vest (Grades 5-8 only).
• Uniform red “hoodies” for grades 6-8 only.

Mass Day (Wednesday)

• Plaid Jumper (Grades 1-8) or Plaid Skirt (Grades 5-8)
• Uniform white blouses
• Uniform red sweater vest must be worn on Mass days (Grades 5-8 only)

Dress Code rules at all times

• White or beige undershirt or bras only (no patterns or colors)
• Navy, black, red or white crew socks (no Peds), or black, navy, red or white tights. Regular socks must be at least two inches above the top of the shoes.
• Hair: traditional, classic cuts or length. Nothing extreme (i.e. shaved on one side, spiked or colored). Accessories are allowed as long as they are not distracting to the teaching and learning environment or the reverent environment in church or at communal prayer. Any hair accessory deemed inappropriate by the faculty, staff or administration will need to be removed.
• Make-up of any kind is not permitted.
• Jewelry may only include one ring, a religious medal on either a gold or silver chain, or one pair of non-dangling earrings. Any other body piercing or tattoos are not permitted.
• Fake nails or nail polish are not acceptable.
• Black or brown dress shoes, or tennis shoes (any color). Open-toe or open-back shoes are not permitted.
• Black or brown boots (flat heels and below the knee) may be worn with winter uniforms only. Boots must be worn with tights.
• No wedge or high-heeled shoes at any time.

OUTERWEAR for Boys & Girls

• Uniform sweatshirts, fleeces, jackets and other approved outerwear sold through Lands’ End are permitted. Students wearing non-approved outerwear to school must remove it upon arrival to homeroom.


• Physical Education uniform must be worn for Physical Education class days
• Official school T-shirt with logo and/or sweatshirt with logo
• Official school red shorts with logo or plain red or black sweatpants


• Students are allowed to wear non-uniform clothing on designated TAG days.

Students may wear:
*Shirts / blouses / tops that cover the entire shoulder and midsection
*Jeans (no holes, tears, or loose threading)
* Shorts with a 7” inseam or greater may be worn
* Skirts, skorts or shorts measuring 4” above the knee may be worn
* Sweatshirts
*Jogging suits
*Nail polish

Students may not wear:
*flip-flop sandals
*open back shoes
*tank tops
*T-shirts with inappropriate writing, pictures, symbols or logos
*spaghetti straps, camisoles or halter tops
*tennis shoes that convert to roller skates
*biker shorts
*pajama pants (unless the TAG Day specifies pajama wear is allowed)
*yoga pants
*leggings worn as pants – leggings must be worn with a dress or skirt
* skinny jeans
*low cut blouses/tops
*clothing that is extremely tight

Good Rule:  If you think you shouldn’t wear it, you shouldn’t.

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