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The classrooms at Charleston Catholic are fully equipped with SMART Boards or Apple TVs to enhance the learning experience for the classrooms. Teachers in the K4 – 4th grade classrooms use SMART Boards for seamless presentations and student-centered lessons. Students in grades 5-8 are able to collaborate with one another and their teachers using their school-issued iPads, promoting self-driven research and faster note-taking. The Science Lab and grades 3 – 8 are equipped with Apple TVs. This allows for students to air play assignments and presentations. WiFi is available throughout the entire campus.



The Auditorium provides opportunities for students to practice a plethora of skills and sports including soccer, volleyball, and basketball. The Physical Education program is both challenging and rewarding for all students with excellent visual aids in Nutrition and Health. During their special arts classes, the students can make use of the room for movement and drama due to the range of space and facilities. The stage includes a back room for make up and costumes and an excellent sound system. The Auditorium has enough space to contain  mobile fold-down tables, which are used in a variety of ways: cafeteria tables, for working on lessons during Aftercare, as seating for plays, performances and assemblies. 


Library/Computer Lab

The Library has a collection of approximately 4,200 books and references. The library’s catalog and circulation systems are automated through The Handy Library Manager.

The Computer Lab is located within the Library and consists of 13 computers with Internet access and MS Office software. Students use the computer lab during computer classes and for research purposes.


Art Room

Students take art once a week in a very special, stimulating room dedicated to the visual arts. There they learn about art history and famous artists, as well as putting that knowledge to work in projects. Students who are enrolled in the Special Art classes meet four days a week and broaden their artistic horizons in many different ways. They are also involved in designing and painting the scenery for the Christmas and Spring drama productions.


Music Room

Students in K4 – 2 grade participate in Music Class.
Students in 3rd grade participate in Chorus and they serve as the Choir for weekly School Mass.
Students in 4th grade participate in Beginner Band.
Students in 5th – 8th grades who choose Band as their specialty area participate in Concert Band. 


Science Lab

The Science Lab is accessible to all students on campus. The refurbished Science Lab is now equipped for students to participate in experiments which make learning fun.


Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Church next door to CCS is used for Wednesday School Mass, Stations of the Cross, and other liturgical celebrations. It has been used for classroom rosary devotions and occasionally a quiet place for teachers to pray during their free time.