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Service Hours Form


service requirements & form


 2023-24 Middle School Service Hours 

We encourage our students to go out into the public and use their talents at multiple organizations.  
Our motto this year is:
“Finding Joy in the Journey of service to our community”

GOALS: To practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

 To embrace the attitude of the Beatitudes by helping others who are less fortunate while receiving no payment in forms of money or gifts or trade.

Service Project Ideas: 1 bag = 1 hour

Click HERE for form

  1. Church Service: It is really important to be an active member in your parish community by serving. We will accept 1 hour per quarter since our focus is community outreach this year. Examples: Altar server, sing, adoration, fellowship set up.

   2. Donate 1 bag (13 gallon kitchen trash bag) of YOUR clothes (not your sister’s or brother’s clothing.) Take a photo of you and the bag at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Drop Box. Get a form signed if an attendant is available.

   3. Donate 1 bag of (brown grocery bag) of YOUR toys or books to Toys for Tots, or Goodwill, Salvation Army or Drop Box.

   4. Donate 1 bag (brown grocery bag) of food to Food Pantry or Food Drive. Since this requires purchasing food, you must use your own money to buy food and describe how many meals can be served from your purchases.

   5. Walk/ Run for a particular charity

   6. Community outreach: Volunteer at community organizations or outreach programs. Ex. Ronald McDonald House, Neighborhood House, St. Vincent DePauls food pantry, animal shelters, ECCO (East Cooper Community Outreach) and nursing homes.

Being stewards of God’s creation by helping the environment. Ex. Beach/ Neighborhood Clean-ups.

** Summer Service hours are due the first quarter ONLY. If you fulfill any summer service (optional) we will accept three hours. Thank you for being stewards during your vacation!

* Quarterly service hours documentation sheet is due a week before each quarter ends.

“It’s not about how much you do but how much LOVE you put into what you do that counts.” - Mother Teresa