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Annual Fund

Annual Fund


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Dear Charleston Catholic School Families and Friends,

What makes Charleston Catholic a special place?

Here is what our students have to say:

An 8th grader said, “What I like about CCS is that everyone is friendly and respects each other’s feelings.”

Another 8th grader said, “I love how CCS is individualized. Teachers care about you and want you to do your best.”

A 7th grader said, “I love the environment at CCS. Everyone here treats everyone else like family, and it feels like my home away from home.”

Finally, a 1st grader said, “I just love everything about CCS!”

As you can see, our students (our Saints) love their school! How does this happen? Adults create the environment that makes it possible for the students to love their school. Thus, we are very grateful to all of the teachers, staff, parents, grandparents, coaches, and volunteers who help create and sustain a loving family environment for our students. The students excel when they believe that their school is their “home away from home”. When everybody works together to carry out the mission of our school, the students are the beneficiaries.

Please consider a gift to this year’s Annual Fund to support the programs and daily operations of Charleston Catholic School. Each gift helps to provide funding that supplements tuition revenue and parish subsidies in the school’s budget. Our goal for this year’s Annual Fund is $35,000.

Thank you for your prayers, service to the school, and financial support. May you and your family always be blessed.


Yours in Christ,

Fred McKay