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Pre-K & K



Our Preschool/Pre-K classroom is a multi-age, 3-5 year-old program. The BIG benefit to a multi-age classroom IS the age difference of the children. The younger children learn from the older children’s example and older children gain confidence in their abilities by being the leaders in the classroom. The daily schedule will begin and end with purposeful play using manipulatives, and include Morning Meeting, Morning Work, Center-Time Play, Snack, a Special Area class, Lunch/Recess, Rest Time as
well as additional outdoor play and enrichment activities in the afternoon. Morning Work will be done in “Small Groups”, and be developmentally appropriate for the child’s age. Younger children will follow a Preschool Curriculum and Older Children will follow a Pre-K curriculum ensuring they
will be “Kindergarten Ready.” Our program is designed to meet little learners where they are, help them grow in all areas of development, take on age appropriate responsibilities and above foster a love of learning.





Our Kindergarten program provides a strong foundation for our students. The K5 curriculum includes instruction in the areas of Reading, ELA, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion. In addition, K5 students participate in Art, Spanish, Technology, Library, and PE (twice a week). Time is set aside every afternoon for centers and free play. This time encourages our students to make connections with the world around them, develop socially, practice, apply, and extend new learning.