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Discover the Imagination.  Imagine the Discovery!

K4 & K5

K4 & K5


The changing colors of the leaves; the building of a snowman; the budding of the first spring flower – we will change – create – and grow in this CCS Kindergarten Classroom.

Our main focus will always be making our hearts, words, hands and minds a reflection of Jesus’ teachings. 

In Religion, we will learn our prayers, experience many Bible stories, attend weekly Mass, and understand God’s presence in our family, community & world.  Reading will help us explore a world of sounds & letters to whole stories.  We will become aware of everyday Mathematics; through clocks, calendars, shapes, patterns, addition, subtraction, graphing, sorting, money, fractions & geometry. 

Our year will also include writing, becoming scientists, taking our passports and traveling, singing, enjoying drama and exploring on field trips.  Welcome to our “Seasonal Kindergarten”!