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2nd Grade Curriculum

2nd Grade Curriculum

Detailed curriculum from diocese
math-science-social studies
ela standards

Focus on sacrament preparation:
o Sacrament of Reconciliation
o Eucharist

Thorough study of the Mass

Seasonal units
o Mary and the Saints
o Advent/Christmas
o Lent/Easter

Language Arts

Includes:  Reading, Creative Writing, Spelling, and Handwriting

Growth toward:
o Fluency and expression in oral reading
o More subtle comprehension skills,
o More involved compositions that develop setting, plot, and character


Addition and subtraction teen facts

Two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping

Problem solving strategies for applied math

Shorter units of study on:
o Time
o Money
o Fractions
o Measurement
o Geometry


Hands-on experiences for a series of units of study:
o simple machines
o animal and plant habitats
o magnets
o matter and energy (heat, light and sound)
o dinosaurs
o astronomy
o rocks
o environment, water and air

Social Studies

Early years in the United States:
o Native Americans
o Colonial Times
o Westward expansion
o American Revolution

Famous Americans

Shorter units of study on:
o needs/wants
o good/services
o purchasers/consumers
o citizenship
o national symbols
o geography