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5th Grade Curriculum

5th Grade Curriculum

detailed curriculum from diocese
math-science-social studies
ela standards



The main focus of study is the Sacraments and Liturgical Year.  Topics include:

n  Old Testament and God’s intervention with man (Samuel and David)

n  New Testament stories/parables

n  Liturgical calendar/seasons

n  Study of 7 Sacraments

n  Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

n  Niceen Creed (Apostles)

n  Saints

n  Different forms of prayer


Social Studies 

The main thrust is post Civil War through Modern Times.  Some key topics covered are:

n  Westward Expansion (Native Americans)

n  Rise of Industrialism

n  U.S. emergence as a world power

n  Depression and Roaring 20’s

n  World War I and II

n  Cold War Era

n  Civil Rights Movement


Language Arts

Reading and understanding a variety of literary texts which includes the following and other ideas:

n  Drawing conclusion, predicting, making inferences, locating main idea and supporting details

n  Use of figurative language

n  Understanding poetry and poetic terminology

n  Applying information found in graphs, charts, other graphic designs (atlas)

n  Use of supplemental sources: such as glossary

n  Knowledge of how to access other sources of information

n  Strengthen vocabulary

o   Phonics

o   Fluent reading

o   Latin/Greek roots

Writing element

n  Multiple paragraph writing

o   Use the writing process effectively

§  Good paragraph organization

§  Correct grammar

§  Correct spelling

n  Compositions using different writing styles:  narrative, descriptive, persuasive

n  Research paper

o   Choosing an appropriate researchable topic

o   Finding sources and identifying them

o   Paraphrasing vs. plegarism