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Playground Fund

Playground Fund


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Dear Family, Friends, and Charleston Catholic School Community,

This past August we celebrated the 3rd Anniversary of the Joan Keating Playground dedication at The Charleston Catholic School. On a personal note, Donovan, Gabrielle, and I cannot thank all of you enough for your generous contributions that made the renovation of the playground such an incredible success. Those who have visited the playground share our sense of pride, accomplishment and overall joy of what a beautiful tribute it is to Joan’s love of children.

The Keating Family and CCS Principal Fred McKay are asking for your help to improve and maintain the playground, basketball court, etc. for years to come through our CCS Playground Fund. The play spaces are truly sources of joy for the students of The Charleston Catholic School, and we want to be able to maintain them and make any desired improvements in the future. For example, this past summer, we installed artificial turf on some areas of the playground to enhance the beauty and safety of this space. Gifts to the Playground Fund will be used to accomplish these two goals: maintenance and improvements.

What improvements are we planning for the future?
• New surfacing and lines for the basketball / volleyball court
• New equipment for the playground
• Replacement sails (as needed) for the playground
• Replacement padding for poles on playground and basketball court
• Install more artificial turf in areas that are currently grass / dirt
• Landscaping on annual basis in areas as needed

What is our goal for the Playground Fund?
• Our target is to raise $100,000 for the Playground Fund.

How can we do this?
• We have developed a four-part plan.

I. Please consider making a gift of $100 to the Playground Fund. If you are able to donate more, that would be very much appreciated. Any amount means so much, as our first drive demonstrated when we raised $45,000 in 2014-2016 to install the rubber surface under the play equipment and put up the sails that provide shade for the playground.
II. Please forward this letter by email or share on social media with your family members and friends to expand our base and give others an opportunity to help our school.
III. Please reach out to matching corporate funds if these are available. We had several matching corporate gifts in our first campaign for the Playground Fund.
IV. In addition to reaching out to individuals, we are developing a presentation to apply for grants from government programs and local businesses.

Please visit You Tube and search “Joan Keating’s Life/ Playground Dedication.” For those who have contributed and for those who will soon contribute, you will both cry and smile. Here is the link.

How can you donate?
1. Make a check payable to The Charleston Catholic School and put Playground Fund on the memo line. Mail check to The Charleston Catholic School, 888-A King Street, Charleston, SC 29403.
2. Donate online via our website by clicking "here" at the top of this page.

Thank you for considering your support of the Playground Fund. Your gift will help continue to bring joy to CCS students for generations to come.

“A friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.”


With all our love,
Eddie, Donovan, and Gabrielle Keating