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Role of Parents of Students

• Encourage your child to take advantage of all the opportunities at the school including the spiritual, academic, athletic and social opportunities

• Ensure your child attends school punctually and regularly as required by law

• Notify the school if your child will not attend school on a particular day, no later than the start of each school morning

• Know and understand the rules and regulations your child is required to observe at school

• Require your child to be clean and dressed consistent with the school’s dress code

• Encourage your child to learn and respect the rights of others

• Provide guidance for your child to develop socially and morally acceptable standards of behavior

• Become involved at your child’s school, with their teachers, programs, activities, attend conferences and school functions

• Encourage and support your child in completing homework assignments

• Recognize that primary responsibility for your child’s welfare and development rests with you

• Satisfy financial obligations to the school

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