First Week of Advent

December 3, 2013


Dear CCS Families,

First Week of Advent

During Advent, we look forward to the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  God’s message about the coming of the Messiah was delivered by angels to the shepherds.  Shepherds were ordinary people who lived in rural / remote areas.  They were not the “movers and shakers” of any town or village.  Yet, it became their responsibility to spread the news that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.  Shepherds usually had duties only to their families and to their sheep.  These ordinary people had extraordinary roles; they were faithful to God in delivering His message to others.  During these four weeks of Advent, may we be messengers to others about our faith through the actions we take.


During December, our school community will focus on peace, one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  What does it mean to be “at peace” with another person, or to be in a “peaceful relationship” with somebody else?  How do we demonstrate the virtue of peace in our actions?  We will talk with the students at school about being peaceful, and we ask that families talk with their children at home about ways they can be peaceful in their actions.



Tribute to Bishop David B. Thompson


The Charleston Catholic School shared a special relationship with Bishop Thompson.  He founded our school in 1991 by combining two schools on the Peninsula, Cathedral and Sacred Heart.  His vision was to have one Catholic school that was flourishing instead of two Catholic schools that were struggling.  Throughout the past 22 years, our school has taken steps towards realizing our late Bishop’s vision.  We continue each year to become the best Catholic school we can in every aspect of our school.  We seek to demonstrate the five core values of our school in all of our programs, activities and events.  



As a school community, we are most grateful to the friendship and leadership of Bishop Thompson.  He worked with and supported Sr. Carole Anne and Sr. Bridget when he was the presiding Bishop of our Diocese.  He continued to be a friend of the CCS Saints and supported Mrs. Yvonne Tolley Orr and me in his retirement.  In his retirement, he played in our Saints golf tournament three times and attended our groundbreaking ceremony for the new building project in December 2012.  In fact, at the groundbreaking, his last words to the audience at the end of the ceremony were: Go Saints!  Bishop Thompson loved his Saints, and we love him.  So, in honor and in memory of Bishop Thompson, let’s be the best Catholic school that we can be, and let’s be enthusiastic about our school — Go Saints!

Yours in Christ,


Fred McKay

The Charleston Catholic School
888-A King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

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