The Charleston Catholic School uses FACTS Management Company for its Tuition Payment Program. You have the option of filling out an agreement online via e-Cashier conveniently from your home or work for your method of paying tuition.

You can select from the following payment methods and options that Charleston Catholic is offering for the 2018-2019 year.

Payment Options


FACTS Management link click HERE


      • – Pay in full to the school or to FACTS by Aug. 1st
        – Semi Annual Payments on Aug. 1 and Dec. 1
        – Monthly Payments

Payment Methods

    • – Checking Account Automatic Draft
    • – Savings Account Automatic Draft
              – Credit Card or Debit Card

For more information please contact the school office (843) 577-4495.

In order to receive the parishioner rate, registration is required and verified at one of the peninsular parishes: The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, St. Mary of the Annunciation or St. Patrick.

2018-2019 Tuition

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