3rd Grade Curriculum


focus is on how we as Catholics treat each other
discuss how and what Jesus did to show us how to be good Catholics
learn what the church teaches us, and how we can apply all these virtues to our lives, and the world
participate in Mass on Wednesdays by reading, altar serving, etc.
learn the different parts of the Mass


strengthen addition and subtraction of larger numbers, including up to the thousands place value
regrouping in subtraction, and carrying in addition
learning multiplication tables up to twelve
multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers together
learning long division
beginning geometry at the end of the year

Social Studies:

learn map skills, and communities, learning the difference between each of the three communities
learn about the 4 different regions of the United States, and their natural resources
learn about Native Americans
learn the history of space travel


study plants and animals and different environments they live in
study how changes in the environment affects how plants and animals grow

Language Arts:

focus on how to write paragraphs and develop stories
write clear and interesting sentences
write the three parts to a story, the beginning, the middle and the ending
learn how to edit their stories and how to write a final draft

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